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Taking Pictures (Sport) Ltd cover all types of events including University Sport Festivals, Gymkhanas, Summer Camps, Golf Days, Tournaments, Dinners and Presentations. 

At our photosales store you are able to browse and purchase pictures from sporting and sports related events that we have attended, browse the Galleries below to find your event.

Should you have any difficulties or question please do not hesitate to contact us either by email:
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Taking Pictures (Sport) Ltd are proud sponsors of
The University of Bath Basketball Teams
& Partners to Bath Rugby Foundation

Whatever you’re planning whether its a gymkhana,
summer-skills camp, golf day, sporting festival, a dinner
or a presentation if you are interested in having your sporting
event covered we would be pleased to discuss with you
how some stunning action photography can add value to
your event. We have a flexible package that will suit
your needs. Contact us to find out more. 
Tel: 07778257270 or email: enquiries@takingpictures-sport.co.uk